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1. About what percentage of gross sales per month should be spent on parts purchases?
2. About what percentage of gross sales should be spent on your employees in your production department? (This consists of all technicians, helpers, part-time people and delivery personnel.)
3. What is the best indicator that your prices are in line to produce the desired amount of profit?
4. If your direct parts and labor costs for the week were $9,000 approximately what should your gross sales be for that week?
5. What should your average percent of profit be over your costs on a weekly or monthly basis?
6. The minimum production efficiency of a technician should be about:
7. If you have three production technicians and no other help in your shop, you should be grossing:
8. If your average technician costs you $20.00 an hour, your labor rate should be about:
9. What percentage of your new customers come from the internet?
10. If you are grossing about $40,000 a month in total sales and you are not being a Service Writer and you are not working in the production department, you should be making about:

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