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1. Do you have a service writer?*
2. If you were to obtain just two new customers a week, in a year’s time, how much more gross income would your shop average after having these customers for one year?*
3. Given the above situation, how much more a year should you be taking home as the owner?*
4. What is the main responsibility of the service writer?*
5. When a potential customer calls in for a price or diagnosis, what is the service writer’s goal?*
6. What percentage of phone inquiries for price or diagnosis should you get into the shop?*
7. When is it okay to quote prices over the phone to a potential new customer?*
8. How much do most shops average in sales when they stop quoting prices over the phone?*
9. When is it okay to give a diagnosis over the phone on the customer’s first call?*
10. How do you know when you’ve found the customer’s REAL objection to getting work done?*

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