Lost income because of upselling weaknesses?

Service Writer School Description

A Service Writer School graduate is one who has greatly improved skills in sales and handling customers.

They understand clients and are able to handle even the toughest situations with confidence and much less stress. On this course you will learn:

  • Three proven steps a service writer should always follow to close a sale
  • How to handle price shoppers effectively
  • Quick procedures which will get most customers to come to your shop
  • How to handle difficult customers easily and how to avoid customer upsets in the first place
  • How to close customers reluctant on spending additional money on needed repairs
  • Learn what to do when the phone doesn’t ring

Part 1: Successful Communication = Sales
The first part of the Service Writer School deals with communication, a vital fundamental for being successful in business and in life.

You will gain certainty in the needed skills to handle every aspect of communicating well.

Part 2: Effective Selling Techniques
The second part of the workshop covers proven, effective techniques for handling different types of customers and rough situations during the sales process, both over the phone and in person at your auto shop.

Service Writer School Articles

Attributes Of A Good Service Writer

There are many things that lead to a successful business. One of them is a good service writer. I have visited lots of shops where it was obvious that the service writer was not trained and was not motivated.

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The Perfect Shop Series - A Good Service Writer

Would A Woman Consider You A Good Salesman?
If you really want to know what makes a good salesman, ask a woman. Holy mackerel! Ask that question of any woman who has shopped for anything and then had to depend on that company to do the work or repairs. You will learn volumes about making customers happy and the proper way to sell work and end up with the woman raving about how wonderful you are.

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