Create the blueprint for your perfect shop and develop the plan to get it there. Fully understand the hat of the owner and get yourself in the owner’s chair.

Since the only one that can fix your business and get it into a condition of being “operational” is you, we will teach you to handle what is stopping you from permanently solving your business problems.

This is a three-part workshop geared to put you in the owner’s chair.

Part 1: The Blueprint for the Perfect Shop

  • The 21-department Function Organizing Board
  • Why your shops gets stuck at certain levels of sales and size.
  • How to make your shop stable
  • How to open and stably run multiple shops
  • What is the right number of employees for your size shop
  • How to expand correctly
  • Structure and actions necessary to ensure stability, expansion and profitability

Part 2: The Difference Between Being the Owner and Being the Manager

  • What an owner is supposed to do and not do when coming into the shop
  • What the manager is supposed to do and not do in the shop
  • What problems are created and why when an owner fails to wear his hat properly
  • The most important principles of being a good executive
  • Running the shop from an owner’s viewpoint
  • What problems are created when an executive fails to wear his hat
  • Which management tools the manager and the owner need to know and use
  • What the owner’s responsibilities are and how to execute them successfully

Part 3: A Full Evaluation Done by a Highly-Trained Consultant

  • Determine what your strengths and weaknesses are as the owner
  • Determine what your strengths and weaknesses are as an executive
  • Determine against the Function Organizing Board what’s in place or not in place in the shop
  • A program to target those areas that are not fully operational
  • A program to handle areas where there is a lack of absorption of data taught
  • Follow-up calls with a trained consultant for one month