This one-day workshop will strip away the basic confusions that hold down production, efficiency and teamwork in the shop.

It will give you and your employees the tools and knowledge needed to get the work done right. The workshop is designed to improve not only your efficiency and production but your entire team’s as well.

It is also available for delivery at your shop with an On-Site Shop Inspection.

The Efficiency Workshop includes many exercises and drills designed to give you the practice to ensure you can apply what you learn.

This workshop will cover:

  • The purpose of management
  • The secret of efficiency
  • Work defined, good and bad production, getting the work done
  • Verbal orders and why they don’t work
  • Control and the cycle of action
  • Cooperation and understanding orders
  • Working with the rest of the group, teamwork, incentives and quotas
  • The anatomy of confusion
  • How to handle job training and exhaustion at work
  • Staff causing unnecessary work for others
  • How to effectively handle work
  • Order defined and how to handle disorder
  • Shop flows and speed of service

The result of applying the know-how learned in this workshop is: increased efficiency and effective teamwork.