This two-day workshop deals with the fundamentals of organizing and managing the front office of a collision shop. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your shop flow 100% in place?
  • Is your shop efficiency at the level you want it to be?
  • Does your estimator know what you know about shop flow?
  • Is there down-time with techs and estimators discussing jobs?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, this workshop should be done by the owner and all of his key sales and production staff.

This workshop clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of each employee, resulting in everyone being on the same page and in agreement on how and what needs to be done.

We hear from many owners after their estimator has done the workshop that they finally understand what the owner has been trying to do and why.

This service is also available for delivery on’site at your shop when you have an On?Site Shop Inspection done.

Part One
The first part goes over the basics of organizing and managing any type of operation, but is specifically designed for automotive shops. It covers:

  • The concepts of management and leadership and how they apply to your shop
  • How to get your employees to do things the way you want
  • Recognizing and handling those who can’t seem to do it the way you want it done
  • How to interact with customers and employees effectively
  • How to get more done in a day
  • How to get more production with less comebacks
  • The keys to setting the shop up so you don’t have to be there

Part Two
The second part deals with the practical applications of organizing and managing the front operation of any type of shop, such as:

  • The basics on the flow of work through a shop
  • Organizing the front office for increased speed and less effort without the need of additional people
  • Setting appointments correctly
  • How to do more than you thought could be done and at half of the stress level
  • How targeting tasks increases production and sales
  • Organizing the shop for production
  • Eliminating silly mistakes and comebacks
  • Making sure everything gets done

Part Three
The last part of this two?day workshop is dedicated to creating a personalized plan you?ll take back to your shop to turn your operation into a lean, mean, money?making machine. This workshop gets the best results when both the owner and all key production employees have done it.