Sometimes getting the vision in your head to match the reality of the scene can be a real challenge. In this workshop you will find out why that is and what you need to do step-by-step to make your ideal scene your reality!

The following topics are covered in this exciting new workshop!

  • Logic vs Illogic
  • Common problems in a shop
  • Finding the real problem (excuses vs reality)
  • How to know when you find the correct solution
  • How cooperation works
  • How to see the ideal scene
  • Importance of communicating the ideal scene
  • Out points vs Plus points
  • Different types of outpoints
  • Errors and what it tells you
  • Looking at the big pictures
  • How to diagnose your shop?
  • Look don’t listen
  • Existing scene vs ideal scene
  • How to inspect/look at your shop
  • Finding that one area of your shop holding you back
  • Putting together a plan to address it.