This six-day workshop, delivered exclusively to shop owners and spouses only, greatly increases the executive’s power and ability to get others to get things done.

The workshop starts with and online e-course describing in detail exactly what confront is.

It is designed to take the theoretical management and executive training that a client has received and put it to practical application.

The second part of this workshop deals with communication, a vital fundamental for being successful in business and in life. You will gain certainty in the needed skills to handle every aspect of communicating well.

The final section of the workshop consists of 20 separate drills that the students carry out with each other. The drills are designed to increase one’s ability, step-by-step, to get compliance with their orders.

Through the drilling the students learn how to comfortably deal with any employee situation that in the past has either frustrated or befuddled them in their attempt to get others to get needed work done.

The end result of this workshop is a person with increased ability to get compliance with orders.