The Shop Manager Apprenticeship is a 12 week program. It walks you and your manager through the process of turning over the Manager Hat. (Written up during the Power Apprenticeship).

By the end of the apprenticeship you will have a manager that does the job just like you would.

You will have the confidence and peace of mind that your shop is being well taken care of while you are away on vacation, or even just for the day.

This is the last step in fully achieving your freedom from having to be in the shop every day!

This Program consists of:

  • Establishing the product of a manager
  • Ensuring the manager understands the owner’s viewpoint for the job
  • Policy checks for the manager against the established areas of the business with the key functions of each area verified
  • Planning-Teaching the manager how to hold meetings and write weekly plans based on statistics from the shop
  • Sales-How to keep sales going and what to do when they are not. It includes the reports necessary to ensure that the job is getting done
  • Production-The different policies to track and keep production going
  • Quality Control-Inspection and reports on come-backs
  • Money Lines-Ensuring that reconciliations and purchase orders are being done correctly and verified
  • PR/Marketing-Standard Customer marketing actions are done and advertising reports are complete and run
  • Organization-Ensuring that the facilities and equipment is clean and operational
  • Personnel-Keeping attendance records with reports and creating skills lists on technical and office personnel
  • Putting everything together with statistics, key reports and battle plans for each area of the shop

Prerequisite Training:

    • Owner has successfully completed the Power Apprenticeship
    • The business has a Manager

Manager has successfully completed the following training:

  • Essentials of Auto Shop Management Workshops or Controlling the Front Workshop
  • Service Writer School/Sales Training for Estimators
  • How to Get Compliance to your Orders Workshop
  • The Conditions Course