The Power Apprenticeship is an intense 10-week process that will take the training you received and put it into action in your business!

The end result is that you will have policy and hats in place, so that you will be solidly on the road to achieving your goal of freedom! This program consists of:

  • Establishing key policies every shop needs
  • Evolving policies from battle plans, inspections and successful actions
  • Revision and alignment of policies with goals
  • Review of owner, service writer and tech hats
  • Expansion and alignment of hats with goals
  • Compilation of Power write-ups
  • Analysis of current shop training systems
  • Compilation of written instructional hats for the shop’s key posts
  • How to tailor training for employees
  • Scheduling a full shop training program
  • Using policies, hats and training to get a shop’s statistics into a higher range
  • Evolving the manager hat
  • Levels of hatting

Prerequisite Training: How to Get Compliance to Your Orders Workshop