Management Success! has developed the most comprehensive inspection service available in the industry.

Whether you are ready to take your shop to the next level or find yourself stuck in an unchanging scene, the On-Site Shop Inspection is the right service for you. This service is a multi-step process with each step having its own result and valuable product.

Step One
Statistical information is gathered on the shop. This includes financial, production and sales information. This is followed by a one-on-one consultation with the owner of the shop to establish objectives for the business and a general view of the condition of the business.

We then identify what the owner feels is the biggest problem in the business and what his or her philosophy is regarding the business.

Step Two
This is the actual On-Site Shop Inspection done by a Management Success! certified shop inspector.

The purpose is to observe, interview and inspect the lines, systems, procedures and policies of the shop.

Step Three
This step is an evaluation of all the data gathered on site. From this a written report of findings and recommendations is created.

Step Four
The final step is a consultation with the owner to go over the findings and recommendations.