Achieve a greater stability so you can move into higher ranges of profitability with less stress.

This program is for those who want extra consulting after having finished the Management Success! six-month workshop and consulting program. It includes the following:

  • Help in increasing statistics in certain targeted areas of the business
  • Getting the shop to a new level and higher condition
  • Getting the basics in place in a new or additional location or shop
  • Consulting a manager in running the shop and getting the shop in shape to turn over to a new owner
  • A 21-point initial performance review
  • Full statistical analysis of the major stats of the shop
  • Locating any major concern or problem
  • A tailor-made program for the shop
  • Six months of weekly consulting

Implementation of any basics not yet in place, including:

  • Management by statistics
  • Goals and planning
  • Pricing
  • Shop flow
  • Incentive programs
  • Marketing and PR
  • Employee management
  • Financial planning