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Masters of Shop Management

Advanced Consulting and Training (ACT) is a subscriptio n program individually tailored for each shop to get you and your team to the top of the game! It takes you from where you are now and will accelerate your journey to Master of Shop Management! The ACT program includes a personalized consulting and training program along with an easy interest-free payment plan.

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Masters Success Stories

Your Road to Masters

Reliable Professional Maintenance, Inc. (RPM)

Our Ride to Masters — Our journey with Management Success! began with our first assignment of hiring a service writer. So, within a month, our service writer was hired. Little by little, I started handing some of my job duties over to him. We made our first trip to Glendale and started learning all about managing by statistics. After that first trip, I think our employees were about to quit! Changes were happening fast! Our next trip two months later warranted more changes back at the shop. By the end of that first year, our team at RPM started looking forward to all that was coming of these numerous trips to California.

As we continued to attend classes at Management Success!, our business began to grow and move to the next level. After the Spring Convention in Las Vegas, we knew Masters was our target.

We signed up for our Masters package and never looked back. Was it hard? You bet! Was it all worth it? Absolutely! Here we are almost two years later with a growing and profitable business. Every day, we wake up ready to handle any challenge we will face. As a Master of Shop Management, we have the tools and know-how to win!

Management Success! has taught us so much more than we could have learned on our own. Thank you for the journey!

Shawn and Donna Fitzjarrald
Reliable Professional Maintenance, Inc. (RPM)

Schroeder Sales & Service, Inc.

The benefits of being aligned and trained with Management Success! have been monumental for my family’s business. My company had lost money the previous six years. I was working six to seven days a week, as well as working late every day just trying to keep things afloat. My personal income was virtually nonexistent. However, by the end of 2013, after only about nine months of working and training with Management Success!, I was able to pay off almost $30,000 of debt, was financially in the black. My consultant worked out a plan for me to become a Master within my first year, and I went for it!

Without the changes that they guided me through, our family business may not have made it to the fifth generation. However, now, as a Master of Shop Management, we will not only make it into our fifth generation, but we will do it as a new and re-branded automotive business, serving our customers and our community better than we have in 87 years. At the same time, we will be making more profits and having more family time to enjoy the fruits of all our labor.

Thank you to Management Success! for these proven principles of automotive shop management and for connecting us with other shops around the nation that have benefited from your training as well.

I’m looking forward to reaching our 100th anniversary.

David Schroeder - President
Schroeder Sales & Service, Inc.

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